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Company List – Virtual Jobs at Home Online

  • Teleservice Jobs – Handling inbound sales, service, and/or support calls (and/or outbound calling for some companies).
  • Transcription/Secretarial Jobs – Type fast? Been a secretary? Work from home doing the same thing!
  • Unique Jobs – Includes technical sales and support, international jobs, and more!


      • Accolade Support

        Customer Support Representative

        Accolade Support is a rapidly growing division of Tier 3 Support, Inc. We are looking for remote agents to join our team, working from your home office. We’re looking for bright, energetic individuals who enjoy speaking with people on the phone, and possess the in-depth understanding and the diverse skills to provide callers with the highest quality of service. Our clients demand the highest service level possible. In turn, we are constantly working to build a team of friendly and efficient support professionals to meet our current clients growing call volumes, as well as the numerous new clients we begin services for each month.

    • ACD Direct star star

      Donation Call Center

      ACD Direct provides call center agents for taking donations. Great company to work with! Take calls for companies like PBS.

    • Alpine Access star

      Customer Service (US: Arizona, Colorado, Texas & Utah)

      Alpine Access’ promise to our clients and their customers is that we will provide them with exceptional customer service on every call. To accomplish this, we hire only the very best employees with the skills, experience and personality to match the specific needs of our client partners.

    • Arise star

      Technical Support / Customer Sales and Service

      More work-life balance. More freedom to choose when and how much you work. More trust in the people with whom you work and more trust in the companies you represent. More earning potential based on being rewarded for the results you produce. Arise offers opportunities for work in technical support, sales, and customer service with some of the most exciting companies in America. We offer the certification courses you need to become an Arise Certified Professional, which signifies that you have the basic skills and knowledge to be a customer interaction specialist.

    • ARO – Call Center Options

      Customer Sales and Services / Auditor

      ARO is a contact center for some of the nation’s leading corporations. We strive to provide an unmatched quality of customer care and business management to our clients with virtual technology. Our clients are pleased with our highly qualified, motivated, and well trained staff. Employees are able to work and train from the comfort of their own homes!


      Customer Service Representative

      You must have experience in customer service and possess great customer service skills. You will be trained at their corporate location in Kansas City, MO or via web cast.

    • Convergys

      Customer Sales and Service Representative

      As a Convergys Home Agent, you’ll interact with customers of leading companies. You may answer questions, determine product opportunities that best meet your callers’ needs, place orders on their behalf, provide technical support, or enroll callers in health or entertainment plans. You will be receiving incoming calls from customers of leading companies. The types of calls vary, and may include customer service, sales, or technical support. Convergys provides a comprehensive, paid training program designed to develop successful Home Agents.


      Sales Professionals

      Extended Presence is currently looking for experienced technology sales reps to fill multiple sales positions. Candidates will work on part-time high-level Inside Sales/Lead Generation campaigns, leading to full-time outside sales positions. Candidates may also have the opportunity to work from a virtual home office.

    • LiveOps

      LiveOps is anxious to qualify motivated, articulate, and personable entrepreneurs that want to develop or grow a home business. Previous sales experience – especially teleservices – is a huge plus although not a requirement.


      Customer Service

      If you have a high speed Internet connection and a separate phone line, you can do the job. They need people part time (2-3 hours a day 3-5 days a week). Calls start between 8:00 – 8:30am. The pay is $11.00 per hour. Callers are considered subcontractors (you pay the taxes). They pick up the phone costs of the calls you make for


      Call Center Phone Agent

      A Call Center Phone Agent’s primary job is to receive in-bound, client-scripted phone calls and capture name, address, phone number, and other order information.


      Customer Service Representative

      Full-time contract-to-hire, Customer Service Representative, Level 1 (Non-Manager), $8.50 to $9.50 per hour based on experience, Work from home

    • Talk2Rep

      Talk2Rep call centers are an Equal Opportunity Employer and always accepts applications from qualified candidates. We pride ourselves in hiring talented and select individuals that commit themselves to taking care of our clients. We are about “How can I help you” and “Thank you for your business” and “getting it right the first time and every time” for our clients. The Talk2Rep team is seeking candidates interested in providing a world class experience for our clients.

    • VeraFast

      Customer Service Representative

      How would you like to work from the comfort of your own home; enjoy flexible hours; use your personal computer to help us meet our clients needs? Sound too good to be true? Think there’s a catch? Well there isn’t. As you can see from our home page, we work primarily with the newspaper industry. Our customer service representatives work from their homes making customer service calls for our newspaper clients. In most instances, we are checking on the customer’s service and reporting back to the newspaper so they can take appropriate action.

    • Voice Applied

      Customer Service

      Voice Applied Customer Service is an industry leader in providing employment opportunities in the Customer Service Industry. With over 25,400 nationwide positions, your career opportunities are endless.

    • Voice Log

      VoiceLog is looking for English, Spanish or Bi-lingual Independent Contractor Live Operators with flexible hours. VoiceLog is the #1 provider of third party verification services in the US. Our operators receive live verification calls for telephone companies and other service industries looking to help combat sales fraud. All calls are recorded for quality assurance and compliance purposes.


    Customer Service

    During the peak time, they require our Home Agent Specialists to extend their hours from 6-10 hours per week to a minimum of 25 to 40 hours per week. Based on your availability, there is a possibility that you could work many more hours during the peak time.


Transcription/Secretary Jobs

    • Administrative Advantage

      Transcription (mostly medical) (US Only)

      Administrative Advantage is a female-owned and operated business that began providing transcription services and administrative assistance in 1994. Now specializing in medical transcription, Administrative Advantage also provides transcription services in the legal, marketing and technical fields.


      Remote Receptionists

      Answer 1 is seeking self-starting, motivated individuals dedicated to personal integrity and hard work. Solid interpersonal/spoken language skills, organizational skills and the ability to think on your feet are prerequisites. Bilingual and/or multilingual skills are highly desirable but not required.

    • Net Transcripts

      Audio/Legal Transcription

      Net Transcripts provides accurate, web-based transcription services to support the critical needs of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement agencies.

  • Production Transcripts


    Transcribe audio files. Must be a seasoned transcriber to apply.

  • Tigerfish star


    If you are a quick typist with a good ear for language and a strong sense of written English, transcribing for Tigerfish can be a way to earn money while working at home (or on the road) with a flexible schedule. Tigerfish has been in business since 1989. While we demand the highest quality of work from our transcribers, we are known for friendliness and flexibility concerning their needs. Many transcribers have been with us for more than a decade. These include stay-at-home parents, artists and writers pursuing creative projects, and people working from abroad as they travel.


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15 Responses to “Jobs at Home Online Company List”

  1. Maki says:

    This is great. Thank you so much. Right now, I’m looking for non-phone jobs. It would be great if you compiled a list for that too!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Maki, glad you liked it. Actually, only about half of the companies listed are for call center or phone type jobs. There are also jobs like transcribing, virtual assistants, web design, data entry, and writing jobs. Take a good look at all of the descriptions. Some of the companies like VOT, hire for lots of various jobs including data entry. Get on their email list and you will get updates when they post new job listings.

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  4. Cathy says:

    I pray these are legit. I have been looking for about 10 years. God Bless.

  5. Sky says:

    Do you have a new list of company are hiring?

    Thank you

  6. admin says:

    This is all of the best companies I have found for now.

  7. admin says:

    They are great companies that really hire people to do work for them online at home.

  8. Sandra says:

    Hi, I’m a college student, (sophmore), I graduate this winter,I’m interested in the American Airlines virtual positions, how can I find out more?

  9. admin says:

    Hi Sandra, American Airlines offers virtual employment on a limited basis and it looks like they are full at this time. Keep checking back on their website for openings.

  10. admin says:

    I update the list anytime a new “good” company is found. There are lot’s of companies that offer work at home, but I only list the one’s with a good reputation.

  11. alexander says:

    I’m from the Dominican Republic, so spanish is my native toungue, in oder words I’m a bilingual international customer service rep and I’m serching and willing to find a at home international agent customer service reprresentative.

    can you please let me know how and where?

    Thanks in advance

  12. admin says:

    Most of what is on my list is for the US, but there may be a few that do international. Just have to check them out and see what may apply to your area. I would imagine your expertise would be appreciated by one of them. The fact that you are bilingual may help with your location.

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