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Working Online:  Telephone Jobs are a Good Choice for Moms by melissa Brewer Taking hundreds of surveys a day, trying to gamble for a few dollars, spending hours of staring at the screen only to watch your credit accounts empty are not the greatest chances for a steady income if you’re the head of a family looking for a real living from home. You can also bid on projects in freelance marketplaces and watch others undercut your prices until you’re not sure you’ll be able to afford your electricity for the month. And there are literally dozens of scams just waiting to be fallen for.

Luckily, today there are many more options for those looking for legitimate work from home. Call centers are one of those options – many women, especially moms, have found a new career working on the phone and internet from home. By being a call center agent, you will be able to earn a decent living from the comfort of your own home, without have to invest any cash or build any clientèle. Many companies and large corporations today outsourcing their help desks, customer support services, ordering lines, and reservations departments to home-based workers. It’s simply less expensive for them to hire home-based workers, especially as independent contractors, who they can call on as the work fall ebbs and flows, instead of paying for overtime and laying people off when times get tough.

The benefits for work from home moms are plentiful, too – they can set their basic work hours, begin to spend more time with their families,  and to save themselves a stressful, hectic commute to and from work five days a week. The greatest thing about a work from home telephone job is that you just don’t have to work in an office. What you just need is a computer or a laptop with an active internet connection, preferably broadband speed, and a decent computer headset with microphone. Internet call center jobs usually entail the simple duty of taking incoming calls from people who are seeking assistance with a company’s products or services, or make outbound calls to potential clients.

In general, these are not high-pressure, high-paced jobs. You will need to have good communication skills as you will be dealing with people all day long, and patience will also be a skill you’ll need to practice. Remember, a lot of people call customer service hot lines simply to vent and complain, and you’ll be the one who is there to take that call. When you apply as a home-based outsourced call center agent, the company hiring you will provide  the necessary software to help you get started. Make sure you have a quiet room to work in.

Businesses that outsource their calls frequently monitor their workers for quality, so it is very important to adhere to this rule – after all, professionalism is key when you work from home. Once you’ve been successful working from home for one company, you’re much more likely to be a competitive candidate for similar businesses in the future, and you may be in line for better paying projects and full-time hiring with benefits. It’s always important to do the best jobs possible, because you never know who is watching or calling.

And be grateful – you’re living the work at home mom’s dreams! To learn more about becoming a virtual call center agent or one of many other positions available, please visit

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  1. Louella Luedtke says:

    Would like to learn more regarding the call center from home jobs.

    Thank you.


  2. admin says:

    The call center from home jobs are great. They require an up to date computer, high speed internet service, a land line home phone, and a quiet work place. A customer service background greatly helps in getting this type of online job. Just apply to the companies that offer work at home for call center reps with a great resume. Be prepared to wait for a while as they get lots of applicants. Make your resume stand out in the crown for faster consideration.

  3. sachin says:

    Hello sir its great i like to start with it



  5. admin says:

    Just go to the page with the companies listed. Virtual Jobs
    Click on the company title, and apply for a job with that company.

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