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My life totally changed the day I decided to work at home online. It took me over two months to find real jobs at home online, but man was it worth it!
After working with one company for two months, I found another job with a company taking inbound calls for a major satellite company handling
customer service and technical troubleshooting.
That job paid $14 per hour and allowed me to make my own schedule!

Gadgitech Owners

Many are searching for real Virtual Jobs, Legit Work Online, or Work at Home. I want you to realize that there is a wide variety of things to do online that pay money. Don't get me wrong here, there really are companies that hire people to do various jobs at home via the internet. I have written about various ways to earn some extra money working online before, but lately I have received quite a few inquiries about what else can be done to make money using your computer and the internet. So, I decided to post about a few other companies that I trust where I get paid for completed tasks.

One of my favorites is
They offer a free and paid membership. I have found that the free side works just fine. Elance is a site for doing freelance online jobs for a set fee. A client wanting something done posts a job that you may bid on. Like any job, you must sell yourself and your expertise to gain the job. This is a very secure and respected site for doing freelance work. I give my best recommendation for this company and it's ability to generate an at home online income.

Another one of my top fav's is Project
When I first started in the Project Payday program, I had a lot to learn. It was a whole new world for me. The main aspect of this site is that big companies advertise to gain new customers. Those companies are willing to pay fairly well for those leads. Since they pay for a referral, you can get paid to fill out a survey of some sort in return for a reward. Most of the rewards are paid in cash or products and lots of money or stuff trades places for things done, if you know what I mean. Vary lucrative way to make money online fast.

You really looking for work online?
Then check out my awesome list of the companies hiring people to work at home online!
It took me around two months totaling like 500 hours of searching to find the real legit companies. This list sold for 10 bucks like hot cakes and had only 5 refunds in three years because it is the real deal. Now I give it away for free for all those who really want or need to work at home online for one reason or another. These Virtual Jobs at Home Online are like gold and you have to stand out in the crowd with a great resume. More to come on how to write a winning resume and land your dream virtual job at home online.

After a while, the itch of starting an internet business got me. I resigned from the online company to build my own. TheGadgitech was formed and affiliate marketing was now my new job. That was four years ago. Now along with TheGadgitech, I do web design and internet marketing for small businesses. It pays very well indeed.

Virtual jobs at home online are the best for anybody who wants or needs jobs at home online.
Whatever the reason, just know it's here. They are real. You get paid to work at home online!