Legit Work At Home Telecommuting Jobs

Searching for real legit work at home telecommuting jobs can be quite frustrating as I’m sure you have found out for yourself. Seems like every search term you come up with, only brings back biz opps or some paid for job boards. Well first let me tell you that these real online jobs do exist. I have enjoyed the pleasure of working with four companies in the past with my own computer right at home. I was paid on time every two weeks like clockwork.

There are ways to search that will bring up more relevant results to find what you are looking for. Using longer phrases like the title of this post, is one of those ways. You will want to pay close attention to the results and watch out for blatant scams that just want your money for access to a job board or other sites of that type. Those kind of sites will usually just have an automatic feed from lots of other sites with work at home job listings. Most of the jobs could just be a scam like envelope stuffing. I tried that one myself and no money was ever sent back my way.

You may be surprised to know how many major companies here in the US outsource their work to people who do the job in their homes. Jobs like virtual call center work, transcribing, help desk, technical support, virtual assistant jobs and many more industries to be counted. I personally had a technical support job that I performed right in my own home office for one of the largest satellite companies around. Don’t think I should mention their name, but you just might have a dish from this company on your home today. They paid me $14 per hour to take customer calls at home and help with their TV problems. What a cool job. Not for everybody, but it was right up my alley.

There are so many types of legit work at home telecommuting jobs available that I would have to write several pages here just to accommodate them all. They all require your own computer of course and some require a land line home phone. Most give you a way to make your own schedule for when you want to work. That’s one of the perks to working at home online, time freedom to spend with the family and friends. Oh, so you want to know where to actually find the companies that hire work at home agents then right? Find out how you can get a free list of the top companies that hire people just like You to work at home online at a legit site called Virtual Jobs. You can download the list and save it on your computer for easy access and use. Now go get the job of your dreams!

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