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Legit work at home virtual jobs. Make money online. Work at home. These are some of the search terms used to try and find the real companies that hire home workers. The vast majority of people searching are thinking they just don’t exist. You search till the scams get you down. You just want a break in finding the right work at home job for you. You want the freedom of making your own schedule. You want to spend more time with your family. You have kids to raise and need a flexible schedule. Whatever the reason, the agony of searching is leaving you to believe they are so hidden that it may be impossible to find.

Wouldn’t you like to be a virtual assistant, or a customer service rep working at home? Is it worth the effort to enjoy the time freedom and stay home for the reasons that you have? You bet it is! There are so many jobs available it is mind boggling! With so many companies downsizing and outsourcing, why not keep those jobs right here in the US? Guess what…. they do! And they hire people to work at home to save expenses. You can get a job answering inbound calls for infomercial products and help customers place their orders. That’s one of the easiest and in high demand virtual jobs available. Virtual assistants, data entry, transcribers, web designers, and too many more to list.

Now you definitely want to make sure you have a great resume. Work at home jobs are in a very high demand. Over 5000 people a day are searching for a real job at home and when they find a good company, of coarse they apply. These companies get an average of 200 or more applications a day! Wow, now I hope you understand why a good resume is recommended. You want to stand out in the crowd and be on top of their selection process. One tip is to have an objective or summary as the first thing to be read after your name and info. With so many applications, most are being skimmed over to find the right person for the job.

Now you might think because we are in a recession that online jobs are decreasing as well. Think again because major companies are laying people off to save money. However, they still have loads of work to be done and can save money on benefits and building space by outsourcing jobs to work at home agents instead. So what can you expect to earn with a real online job? That really depends on your expertise and experience. Like with any regular drive to work job, you have to figure what is it worth. For call center work, the pay is from the minimum wage for your state to about $14 per hour. A virtual assistant may make anywhere from $10 to $30 per hour! Of coarse the level of experience you have will greatly affect the amount of pay you get.

By now you are probably still asking “Hey ! So how do I find real legit work at home virtual jobs?” Well, if you haven’t figured it out you may need to read this all again. Or, I could be nice and just tell you that one of the best search terms for a good list of top companies hiring is… drum roll please, “legit work at home virtual jobs” Now go get em! And remember to stand out with your resume because thousands of people just like you are also looking for the same jobs you want too.

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